This is how Video Gaming Affects you

Video gaming is included in the hobbies of almost everybody these days. A few years ago, gaming was done only in leisure time and it was considered as a luxury. But these days Video gaming has become part of our lives. Our lives don’t get completed without them. Every 3rd person in this world is addicted to Video Gaming and is fond of it. Even some have made gaming as their occupation.


Now coming to our topic of side effects of gaming. As we know that everything has both aspects i.e positive aspects & negative aspects. Similarly, gaming also has some positive aspects and negative aspects.
Some of the aspects are discussed and explained below. Hope you’ll like it and agree with it.


Following are some positive aspects of video gaming.

1- Increase the IQ level

One of the greatest benefits of the video gaming on kids is that it helps children to increase their IQ level and helps children to build a creative mind and think creatively which is much beneficial for children in their future and helps them a lot in their professional life as well as in their studies. In fact, gaming increases their ability to pick up concepts more rapidly.

2- Increase the power of learning

Another positive aspect of gaming is that gaming increases the power of learning of gamers. Gamers become able to understand different concepts very easily. For example, youngsters of these days learn to drive the vehicles more quickly and rapidly than the elders because youngsters have more exposure of driving vehicles in video games from their childhood and their concepts of driving are much better than the elders and that is the reason behind their fast learning.

3-Develop concentration power

Gamers usually have more concentration power than the non-gamers. Actually, gaming develops a sense of concentration in the gamers which is very necessary for their future life to focus on their own goal like the way they focus on their goal in their video games. In this way, gaming helps to improve the concentration on the life goals.

4- Develop skills related to Jobs 

Many gamers claim that video gaming helps them in creating different skills which are helpful for them in their respective jobs. Gaming produces qualities like great attention, good eye-hand coordination, amazing memory and rapid decision making. These are the qualities which are very effective and necessary for the employee which are provided by just playing video games.



Following are some negative aspects of video gaming.

1- Video gaming addiction

The worst aspect of Video gaming is that it causes addiction to the gamers. People get addicted to that game and start spending a lot of their time in playing that game. They do not limit the time for playing Video games which ultimately causes a number of problems in the teenagers especially.

2- Aggression

Aggression is one of the basic problem caused by making. Teenagers get so much aggressive while playing games due to the stress caused by the games. This stress ultimately influences their social life and gradually they also become mentally and physically aggressive in the society. These shooting and mission type games affect the teenagers the most.

3- Health issues

When children start spending most of their time, playing games they forget the world and are in the world of fantasy. They do not take part in the physical activities which can keep them healthy and fit. moreover, they don’t even take a proper and healthy diet while playing video games.

4- Academic problems

The most serious effect of video gaming is that when teens spend all their time in playing video games. They don’t enough time for their studies which ultimately results in their academic problems which are the most important for teens.


So from the above discussion, we can see that if games are good for you then spending too much time on them is also not good. We must keep a balance between our reality and playing games.

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