Antarctica is Breaking and Melting – What are we doing?

When we know that Global Warming is destroying our world then surely it’s not great to hear that A Delaware sized iceberg has broken off from Antarctica. But do you know what happens now? Well, we’ll discuss it here and we should know what was the reason behind this massive Melting.

What is Antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent twice the size of Australia. It is the driest and coolest continent. Usually the Darkest continent too during Midwinters. It consists of ice and ice and just ice. No one actually lives there but it plays a great role in environment and sea level rise. Thus if Antarctica gets a harm Earth gets a harm and I guess we just got a harm. BIG ONE!!!

A Huge iceberg has broken off from ANTARCTICA – Really Huge

Source: CNN


Now we are talking about huge stuff here because small changes don’t really affect our huge world. Now coming to the news, bad news. A huge iceberg has just broken off from Antarctica. It was about 1.1 Tons with size equal to that of Delaware, or equal twice the size of Luxembourg. So this is Huge and surely this type of change will affect the environment and everything.

Iceberg was about 2,240 square miles and broken off from Larsen C Ice shelf from July 10 – July 12.
Antarctica has different ice shelves and ice sheets. Larsen C Ice shelf is a long ice shelf extending along East coast of Antarctic, it is in the northwest part of the Weddell Sea. Larsen C Ice shelf is the fourth largest ice shelf ringing Earth’s southernmost continent.

How was this iceberg formed?

Credits: NASA Worldview

This iceberg was formed by the cracking and breaking of Larsen C Ice shelf. In 2014 a crack was noticed in Larsen C ice shelf and since then the crack started growing slowly but abruptly the crack started to spread towards north side resulting in the creation of this Iceberg. After this breakup, Larsen C ice shelf has shrunk about 10%-12%.

Adrian Luckman, professor at Swansea University, which has been monitoring the ice shelf for years said
After this breakup, Larsen C ice shelf has shrunk about 10%”It may remain in one piece but is more likely to break into fragments. Some of the ice may remain in the area for decades, while parts of the iceberg may drift north into warmer waters.

Its broken parts will cause danger to passing by Ships and cruises, we don’t want another Titanic story now, right? The bad part is this Peninsula lies between major trade routes and is the main destination for cruise ships hence increasing danger for all type of ships. If something happens this won’t be the first time, in 2009 an MTV Explorer sank after striking an iceberg off the Antarctic Peninsula Luckily all passengers and crew were evacuated but not everytime you will get lucky.

Why should we Worry?

But the question is why should we worry? How it can affect us other than sinking our expensive ships. Actually, it is not just all about ships, effects can be greater and bigger. It is also not just this ice shelf affected but the whole of Antarctica is melting with global warming. last January scientists noticed a 300 square miles portion of West Antarctic Ice Sheet melting. This is About twice the size of California, I’ll say that again twice the size of California. This massive ice melting is a bigger problem than we think.

Melting Ice causes rise in sea level. Rise in sea level is a big problem especially for countries in the coastal regions. The rate of ice and Glaciers melting in Antarctica can cause massive flooding in many areas around the world and more importantly increase in overall sea level rise around the world.

And just imagine what will happen if all the ice melts around the world due to global warming. Sea level will rise up to 216 feet around the world and probably we all will die. But it will take a long time but if we don’t stop this it is definitely possible.





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