Here are the best Iphones deals so far in USA

With the release of iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X the war between main service providers and telecommunication companies for the best deals has just started. Here we’ll take a look at what Big 4s (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) has to offer. All of them have started to provide best deals they can provide. So if you are rich enough to buy new expensive iPhones and you’re currently in USA, then here is a look at what main companies are offering.

1- AT&T

att iphone deal

AT&T was the first one to dive into Apple sales war. And actually AT&T has come-up with a mind-blowing deal.

Buy 1 iPhone 8, Get one for free

Though it is no confirmed buy AT&T news release yet, but an AT&T spokesman did confirm this news which was widely reported everywhere. But wait, their is one thing you need to know about this. The second part which you may not like is this

This deal is only for AT&T DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers, if you are not a subscriber then you need to subcscribe for AT&T DirectTv to get your free iPhone with an Iphone 8 you are buying.

But still it is a great deal and if you are already using AT&T DirectTV then this deal is best for you. You don’t need to do anything else, just buy an iPhone from AT&T and get 1 free. But in case you are not their subscriber then you have to surely think about this. Because then you have to sleep with DirectTV for next 2 years.

However, AT&T has also started their pre-order for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Pre-order has started since September 15. However, iPhone X pre-order will start from October 27.

Here is the what AT&T is offering apart of their special offer.

​iPhone 7 32GB ​$549.99 ​$18.34 ​$22.92
​iPhone 7 Plus 32GB ​$669.99 ​$22.34 ​$27.92
iPhone 8 64GB $699.99 $23.34 $29.17
iPhone 8 256GB $849.99 $28.34 $35.42
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB $799.99 $26.67 $33.34
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB $949.99 $31.67 $39.59
iPhone X 64GB $999.99 $33.34 $41.67
iPhone X 256GB $1,149.99 $38.34 $47.92

2- Verizon

verizon iphone deal

Verizon has also started with its iPhone deals and right now is offering $300 When you sign up for Verizon unlimited and trade in selected phones. Unlike usual they are even accepting models other than iPhones.

But this deal is also not that sweet as it looks like. Like every other deal this also includes requirements. You have to buy unlimited plan of Verizon in order to be eligible for this deal. And don’t expect to trade-in cheap phones, they are only expecting premium phones like iPhone 6S or better, the Galaxy S7 or later, the LG G6 or Moto Z2 Force.

If you lease it then for iPhone 8 it is 29.16/month with $0 Down (for qualified customers) $29.16/mo for 24 months. 

3- T-Mobile

tmobile deals

How T-mobile could leave this battle. So here is what T-mobile has to offer:
If you have a iPhone 6 or newer in condition which T-mobile would accept then they will also give you $300 off, juts like T-mobile.

But this statement is not precisely explained as their is a catch in this deal. This $300 will be given in a form of discount for the next 24 months of your deal. So if you wanna trade-in you can take a look at this deal. But first check out that you can’t sell your iPhone with a better price, because if you can sell it somewhere else then you should consider that as that would be more profitable.

4- Sprint

sprint deals

Sprint is giving a promising deal as it is claiming Best Price Guarantee”. We leave it on you to decide whether they are giving best or not. Here is the deal

The first part of this deal is not so promising as they are giving about the same lease price of $29.17/month for 18 months. But the best part in their deal I guess is that if you trade one of the phones from this long list then you get 50% of your lease agreement.
1- iPhone 6,
2- iPhone 6 Plus,
3- iPhone 6S,
4- iPhone 6S Plus,
5- iPhone 7,
6- iPhone 7 Plus,
7- Samsung Galaxy S8,
8- Samsung Galaxy 8+,
9- Samsung Galaxy S7,
10- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge,
11- Samsung Galaxy Note 8,
12- Samsung Galaxy Note 5,
13- Moto Z2 Force,
14- LG G6,
15- LG V20
16- Google Pixel/Pixel XL

So if you have one of these phones and want iPhone then you should consider working with Sprint. Other then big 4, you can try other service providers too like Xfinity (29.17/month) or Cricket Wireless. They may be giving some reasonable deals as well.

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