Top 5 Best resources for SAT and ACT preparations

SAT and ACT are widely taken now. They are tests which every student taking admission in US College or University has to take. But now they are widely taken all over the world like USA, India, Canada, Pakistan etc. As these tests are so important in college admissions and future, students take overwhelming pressure and in result get stressed out.

sat and act

We get a lot of requests every day that What are some best Online Resources for SAT and ACT preparations? Today we are to answer this question. As there are hundreds of resources available for preparations of these tests but not all of them are fruitful. They are not taught by experienced people. They waste hours just to find the right resource from all of those hundreds of SO CALLED BEST COURSES available. So we decided to summarize some best Online resources for SAT preparations where experienced people teach you the techniques and skills you need to know to score a perfect score. Yes, you can score Perfect score in SAT or ACT, all it takes is Skill and Practise which both can be created with Practice and Determination. As you are here to read this you are on the first step to score top marks. It shows you are concerned about your scores. So don’t lose hope and aim for the best.

Other Resources

Other than Online resources there are courses everywhere for preparations of these tests. They can also help you with these tests but they are very expensive and have many other limitations like you need transportation to visit them and they take a lot of money. So why to empty your or your parents pockets when you can achieve the same thing online with no limitations.

There are many Famous courses you can join but have rates of $1500 – $2000. Some famous courses are PRINCETON REVIEW (Personal Best in courses), KAPLAN .
Or VISIT here and search best SAT TUTORS or courses near you with your zip code.

So without any further regrets let’s dig into


1- PrepScholar


PrepScholar is one of the best online study resources for SAT and ACT preparation. Expert ex-SAT and ACT takers with perfect scores teach their essentials and techniques. They teach you what to learn, how to learn and most important thing how to manage time. In short, they teach HOW TO ACTUALLY TAKE THE TEST in order to score top score. They have different programs. Some of them are free while some of them are for a price but prices are reasonable. They provide a lot of teaching material for free too.While in paid course you get teachings from TEACHERS One-On-One. They teach you all the important stuff.

PrepScholar provides very goal-oriented scheme. Their techniques are very impressive and fruitful. Time you spend on PrepScholar doesn’t waste away. The good thing is everything is taught by HIGH SCORERS SAT and ACT takers all of them admitted to TOP Colleges. PrepScholar is best for both SAT and ACT preparations.


2- Princeton Review

Princeton REview

Though Princeton Review was mentioned before, here we will talk about there online resources. Princeton review have proved to be one of the best courses available. They provide Person to Person as well as online classes. But they also provide some events and courses for free check them here.

While most of their content and classes are paid but if you can pay their fees they are the ones to pay. They have proved themselves with bringing quality courses and results. They also provide books for preparations. Like ULTIMATE SAT STUDY GUIDE (available at Amazon here for $12.60) and SAT POWER VOCABULARY and SAT PRACTICE TESTS and many more. While for ACT they also provide best courses (check here). They also provide free SAT and ACT practice tests.

3- CollegeReadiness

You may be thinking are there any official courses available for students. SO this is OFFICIAL PREPARATION COURSE OF SAT. Collegereadiness provide official study guides and techniques. You can get a lot from it. They have lots of practice tests to take and you can also take previous tests. All of the material is official.

You can also buy their original study guides from stores and learn a lot from their website. You can register for SAT test online from here and get your dates from here. Get all the updates etc.
Visit them here.

4- Khan Academy

Khan Academy SAT

Khan Academy also provides one fo the best SAT preparation courses. The good thing is everything is free. You can take dozens of Practice tests and many official tests for free. They also provde help with any difficulty you get. They help you with skills and you can fully utilize KHAN ACADEMY course.  They are partnered with college board and provide offcial tests for students.

Khan Academy is very reputed and their courses always have excellent reviews. They are providing everything for free and helping millions of students worldwide. Make sure to visit here for their SAT preparations. Khan Academy doesn’t have a ACT prep right now course but it can still be used for ACT as it provides lessons on topics that are used in SAT like MATHS, GRAMMER and Parts of Speech etc.

5- Daily Practice for the New SAT app

SAT daily practice

College Board has made a app for Daily Practice of students for the new SAT. It is also one of the best resources as it provides official questions every day. It has following features

  • Answer an exclusive, official reading, writing and language, or math question.
  • Get a hint if you’re stuck at any time and try to solve it
  • Read answer explanations and learn from your mistakes every time.
  • Keep doing it as daily practice can only sharpen your skills.

This app is really valuable as it keeps your skills sharp and every SAT taker should use it.
Practicing daily makes perfect and it also provides the time in which you solved it. It is a very useful app. (Downlaod Link for Android here) and (Download link for IOS here)


So these are our Top 5 best online SAT and ACT preparation resources. You can score high on SAT and ACT but both need practice and skills with determination. many students every year score Perfect or high scores. With these resources, you can achieve what you aim for. Master these tests and believe in yourself because you need to know that these tests are not that hard.
They are made for Students like you not for aliens. So you can master them and score high in these tests.





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