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Best Online Study Resources for Middle and High School Students

The world is going online, so as education. With all these technological advancements, Internet has become an Online Library, Online College, Online University, Online High School. You are no longer needed to visit a Library to read books and gain knowledge nor you must need to attend a Physical college to get a degree or job. Times have changed.

Online Education is increasing day by day and there are hundreds and thousands of online resources available. Not all of them are useful. Trying to find the right resource and place people result in wasting hours of their precious time. It’s a difficult task to find a right resource that will work for you from all those thousands of resources and all of them saying they are the best.

So today we are here to tell you some of the best online educational resources and websites so that next time when you want to utilize your time and learn something you can start doing it right away. We have also discussed Top 5 best preparation resources for SAT and ACT check them out. Here you need to know that for some specific subjects some websites are best while those websites may not be the best in their subject. So topics we will be covering today are
1- Best Educational resources for grades 1-8
2- Best Educational resources for High School

1- Best Educational Resources for Grades 1-8

Middle School is not so stressing but now many schools are offering extra classes and extra projects. Further more you can go in depth concepts you learned in schools or review them before exams or tests. You can use them for reviewing what you learned in school or learning some extra topics. Whatever you want to use online education suitable for your level here are some best resources available for your level.

Khan Academy

khan academy

Khan Academy is one of the best recommendations for students of Middle School. It provides quizzes, different tests and additionally video explaining every important topic.  You can download the app in your mobile, Laptop or just go online to watch and solve videos.
Khan Academy also provides points for learning and season based activities for children to stay interested. It has a concept of Badges, Avatars and as much points you earn you get high ranks. Students stay motivated. So if you are a parent looking to teach your child some extra skills or you yourself want to go a step ahead. This is where you can find what you want.



IXL is an other wonderful online resource for students of Middle School. They can learn Language arts, Maths, Science and many more. It provides interesting quizzes and tests. So next time when you want to learn something try IXL. It has so many visitors and is trusted by a lot of schools and students world wide.

Best Online Study Resources for High School students

High School can be really stressful sometimes. Pressure of finding the right subjects, right classes. Pressure to get into a top college. Pressure to learn new things in time can be really stressful. But we are here to help. So if you are a High School Student trying to find online resources to learn some new topic, go ahead of your class, explore opportunities, if you want to prepare for you classes, eant to learn something new or want to do something that will help you in college these are the sites that can help you out.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy once again. It is not just for middle school students in fact it is one of the best resources for High School students. It provides topic based and grade based classes and exercises. Once you download app you can choose from several topics like shown below

khan academy topics

Once you choose a topic it shows several grade wised and topics based classes. You can then choose one of them (shown below) and you are ready to go.

khan academy list
As shown it provides detailed categories and every category has its own classes and tests according to it.


Yes again IXL also helps High School students. You can get so many exercises and ideas IXL provides K-12 educational topics so its a pretty good place to learn something. Additionally IXL recieves millions of visits every month which shows how much Students depend on it.

IXL details for high school students
As you can see they have shown which courses are available for every grade and how many skills or topic you can learn in them. 

MIT Open CourseWare

MIT open courseware

What could be better than to learn courses from one of the World’s Top University. MIT Open CourseWare is one of the best online resource for High School students in order to learn College level courses. They are taught by MIT Professors itself. Several stories of Home Schooled students getting admitted to a top college and they used to learn from MIT Open CourseWare.

It can help you in learning advanced topics, help you in learning for Advanced Placement Exams, help you in learning topics for Aptitude tests etc. If you mention in your college admission application that you used to study from MIT Open CourseWare and how it helped you sharpen your skills and get good at what you do, it will leave a very positive impression on your application and will surely help you taking admission. Other than this it will sharpen your skills and you can learn a lot new topics from it.

Honorable Mentions,,, and  are worth mentioning. They are contributing a lot in online education are specially designed for Students of Middle and High School.


There are thousands of resources for these 2 levels but we have discussed only the most important ones here. Let us know how these websites help you in comments below.

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