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An Emerging Career – Cyber Security

Hacking is fun we all know but hacking for good is even more. But what are job opportunities in this field? Can one make a living by stopping these dangerous Hackers? Is there any room for cyber security specialists in Market today and in future? Let’s find out.

What is Cyber Security?

cyber security

Cyber Security is to save computer systems and networks from dangerous viruses and unauthorized access. Well, this was the formal definition of Cyber Security however in simple words Cyber security is to save Networks, Platforms, Data and Computer system from lethal Hackers. It is the process of making the Internet a better and safe place.

A person working in Cyber Security is called Cyber specialist. These are the guys making your data and important information safe from Hackers and Dangerous Viruses planning to take advantage by grabbing your information.

Importance of Cyber Security

With the increase of Cyber attacks all around the world demand for Cyber Specialists have increased. Dangerous Viruses are released every day thus increasing the demand of Cyber Specialists. Without them, any of our data won’t be safe. Our credit card numbers will be stolen. Are passwords will be stolen and used against us. Our pictures will get stolen and will be used to blackmail.
Cyber Specialists are the only wall between Dangerous and Hackers and you. They make the internet a safer place. We should be thankful to them working day and night to save us.

We discussed in our previous post the Importance of Career in Software Engineering.
However, Cyber security is slightly different field than Software Engineering but it can be considered as part of this field for simplicity. Thus future and job opportunities in Cyber Security are high. According to Bluestone Recruiting there are almost 220,000 jobs for cyber security in US alone. This is a big demand and job opportunities are increasing day by day. With high salaries, cyber security is a great career to pursue. Thus if you like Hacking and good at it so why not use it for the good of humanity having a rich life style.

Types of jobs and Opportunities in Cyber Security

There are many fields in Cyber Security field and professionals in every field are in high demand.
Following are major types of jobs in Cyber Security explained and job opportunities in them explained.

1- Security Analyst

Security Analysts take measures to prevent breaches in computer systems, data centers, Networks and platforms on grounds. They work for Technology Companies, Firms, Business and Financial Companies, news broadcasting companies, Government institutes, Intelligence agencies, universities and almost every company and business because everyone is threatened by Hackers and Dangerous Viruses.

Security Analysts are in high demand. Their demand has increased in past few years.
According to Burea Labour of Statistics Security Analysts Jobs in US were 72,670 in 2012 with a Median salary range from $86,170, however, 88,880 Cyber security jobs were available in 2015 with a Median salary range of $90,120.
It means 16,210 more jobs were needed in just 3 years with median salary range increased up to $3,950.

2- Cryptography and Cryptoanalyst


Everything on the Internet is encrypted in code words. It can be decrypted with specific rules set to decrypt that code.
Cryptography, the process of encrypting data so that no third party can read and use that information. Cryptanalysts are highly paid.

Electronic currency Bitcoin also works on cryptography. Cryptography has gained so much importance now that big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, AMazon all demands at least a little knowledge of computational cryptography from every software engineer employ. Other than basic knowledge special cryptoanalysts are hired and are highly paid these days.

So if you are good at math then surely computational cryptography is your field. According to Federal Pay rates crypto analysts earn up to $120,205.17 in Federal Government. However Google, Paypal, Amazon, Facebook and other private companies pay even higher.

3- Security Architect

Another great job in Cyber Security is Security Architect. Security Architect is responsible for Designing, Building and overseeing of implementation of complex security networks. In easier words Security Architect have to Design and Build the Security Network of an Organization.
Security Architect also oversees the implementation and lead the programming team in developing the security network. Large organizations have unique security systems.

Security Architects are highly paid, according to glassdoor.com median salaries for Security Architects are $126,725. And as they gain more experience their salaries increase. So there are huge job opportunities for security architects are you would be a good field to join.

4- Participating in Bug Bounties

bug bounty

This is also a way to earn money and make your name as well. Big companies set Bug Bounties. Hackers all around the world try to hack their systems and and find flaws in their systems. If they find a flaw they inform the company and and company reward them.

If someone find big flaws then they are rewarded even more. Some companies often hire people who perform well in bug bounties. Other than Bug bounties you can free lance.
People earn lots of money from Bug bounties. So this is also a way to join Cyber Security world.


There are lots of jobs in cyber security. Most of them are highly paid. So if you want to be hacker then why don’t be a good one. Help the world and make world secure. It is also a great career and it’s trend is rising day by day. No doubt Cyber Security is an emerging career.


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