Deep web and hackers


There is a darker and brighter part of everything. Literally everything. internet is one of them and its dark part is called Dark web. It is quite a horrible place to be and it is not small, it is HUGE. All the web we browse commonly known as the Public web or regular web is approximately just the 4% of the total web. The remaining 96% consists of the deep web, the web of hackers. We can imagine its existence from the following:



existence of deep web


Here are some shocking facts about the deep/dark web. But first, let’s clear that deep web and dark web aren’t two different webs, actually dark web is a part of the deep web where all the illegal activities are done. Now let’s see the facts:

1- Snuff and Necrophilia

Along with torture, rape and murder videos, the deep web is filled with snuff and necrophilia videos. The internet users who have visited the deep web say that one of the most disturbing contents found on the deep web was people having sex with dead bodies. These internet users are advising all other people not to visit the dark deep web because of these disturbing videos which they have seen by mistake and continue to haunt their dreams.

2- Drugs smuggling


The deep web made the drug dealing easier for the drug dealers because it is very hard to trace their trade by the authorities. Anyone can purchase the drugs from the deep web at any time. In February 2011, a man launched a website for online drug dealing known as SILK ROAD. It was operated under TOR hidden service. Later, the creator of the Silk Road was arrested by the Federal Board of Investigation (FBI). But still, drug dealing is done on the deep web and the authorities are unable to track them.

3- It is Massive and widely used

billions of web pages

If you are hearing about dark web for the first time it doesn’t mean it’s not used. In fact, it is widely used and has almost 500 Billion Web pages full of content. Which is a lot more than of 1 Billion web pages of regular web. These statistics are from 2003, you can just imagine how many web pages it will have now.

4- Weapons smuggling

In case you ever wondered where do you buy weapons illegally from. Dark web is also one the source. You can buy all types of weapons, other illegal accessories and all that crazy stuff well you probably won’t like to buy anything like that. But Dark web is a great source of illegal weapons smuggling.
FBR arrested a dark web weapons smuggler who used to sell semi-automatic guns, grenades and other advanced weapons on a website called Black Market Reloaded or BMR only available at dark web.  He was sentenced 10 years prison and $250,000 fine.

5- Need a Hitman?


Now this is getting interesting, so if anyone ever gets into a fight and want hitmen but don’t know where to find one. Dark web is where Hitman is available. You can find them easily because they don’t have to Hide. Anyone can contact them and make a deal with them. So dark web is a really nasty place with full of illegal shit.

6- Hiring a Hacker or getting a fake credit card

You name an illegal activity and it is surely in Dark web. Dark web is where you can hire top class hackers for doing any illegal thing or you can buy fake credit cards, debit cards, cars etc. If you are an illegal type of person, dark web should be your home, but right now we are guessing you are a just a cute sweet learner learning about dark part of the internet.

7- You need special software to browse Dark web

So if you wanna check out dark web you can’t just Google them of course. You need a software called TOR which is used to browse the Dark web. It keeps you anonymous so that a bad ass hacker don’t track you and blackmail you afterward. You are kinda safe in TOR but however to be true when it comes to Dark web nothing can be confirmed. You can search about TOR or regular web and how to use it.

8- TOR is actually under control of Government

Well now is this a Joke? TOR which is used for all accessing all that illegal stuff. TOR is used for contracts and agreements in the Dark web. You do everything with TOR and it is actually governed by United States Department of State Bureau Of Democracy, Human Rights, And Labor, The Ford Foundation and The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

The purpose of TOR is to keep you anonymous but how you can stay anonymous if it is controlled by Government. Why don’t they track down every danger and stop them before they happen through Dark web? Well we don’t have an answer to this but there is something we absolutely don’t know why government is doing this. Politics my friend, Politics.

9- It’s not for Ameatures

experts only

You can’t just scroll around in Deep web and click whatever link you like. You need to be very careful as there are many Hackers there only to hack your systems and hack everything they can. Get your credit card number and many other horrible things. Not everyone in dark web is for business some or there just to mess others lives. You need to be really careful.

So these were some surprising facts about dark web. You need to know the dark and bright part of everything. And dark part of web is absolutely horrible. If anyone wants to go illegal, Dark web is where to go. But our advice is to stay away from Dark.

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