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Future Solar Eclipses all around the world – Part 1

The great American Solar Eclipse just passed today. It was celebrated as a special function all around the USA. No doubt it was a great event. Americans saw it after so many years. But many people couldn’t watch it as it was only visible in USA and some parts of Africa and Europe. So people from ASIA, Australia etc couldn’t see any of it. But don’t worry here is the list of future solar eclipses occurring in different parts of the world.

Eclipse chasers are getting ready to catch Solar Eclipses of the future. Pack your bags chasers and don’t forget your glasses. Eclipses will keep on happening all around the world.

Upcoming Eclipses in South America & USA

However Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible in Southern Part of South America on February 15, 2018. But Total Solar eclipse could only be seen in USA on April 8, 2024. It means almost after 7 years from now you could see such an event again. Not a long time I guess.
Here is the map of its path
solar eclipse 2024
It will be called 2024 Great North America Eclipse as some parts of USA may not be able to watch it like Washington and some parts of Oregon. However, still it will be visible in most parts of USA.

Then again on July 2, 2019, October 14, 2023 will be a Partial solar Eclipse but in South and Central America and then on July 21, 2021 there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse in North America ( USA ).

In March 30, 2033, August 23, 2044, August 12, 2045 and March 30, 2052 will also be the dates when it will be TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in USA again and CONTINUES………..


future eclipses

Australia will not be missing Eclipses for long. They will have plenty of Eclipses in this Century.
According to predictions by NASA  of upcoming Eclipses, Australia will see a Partial Solar Eclipse on July 13, 2018. This will be mostly visible in southern parts of Australia.

Australia then will have Partial Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019 (1 day after Christmas) followed by Partial Eclipses on June 21 2020, November 2030, March 9 2035, February 27 2036 and May 11 2040 and continues.


India, Pakistan and Surroundings

annular solar eclipse
Annular Solar – Eclipsformsrm a ring like this.

These places don’t have many Solar Eclipses however some Annular Solar Eclipses are expected in 

  • 1- 2019
    2- 2020
    3- 2064
    4- 2084

so Other than Annular Eclipses, Partial Solar Eclipses will occur on following date expected

So most probably these countries won’t have Total Solar Eclipse unfortunately. But these places will have some eye-catching Annular Eclipses.

Check out our Part-2 for All Future Solar Eclipses in Canada, Russia, China and Europe.



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