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How Geographical features of Ancient Greece influenced Politics, Social Life and Economy.

Ancient Greece played a great role in the development of modern civilization. Today we are here to discuss that how their geographical features like Mountains, Seas, Harbors and Islands affected their Trade patterns, economy, colonization, Politics and Social life. How were these features important for them? So here is the detail.

Let’s talk how these factors affected economic, social, and political development and patterns of trade and colonization one by one.


ancient greek mountains

Mountains were found in abundance in Greece and covered about ¾ of its land. Most of them were rugged mountains. Mountains were spread from northeast to southwest so they were pretty much everywhere. This geographic feature greatly influenced factors like Politics, economy, trading and colonization. Its affects in politics were that a single government could never form in Greece because mountains made it hard to control whole Greece. People couldn’t transport or meet easily. Several small independent communities were made in different areas.  Economically due to difficulty of transportation people couldn’t trade easily with each other. Due to so much area covered by rugged mountains, not much fertile land was available for farming and cropping. Colonization was affected in a way that Greece was a very safe place to live because Mountains protected them from any attacks of foreigners etc.


greek seas

Seas also affected different factors of Greece as it was a very important geographic feature of Greece. All of the Greece was along the coastline and thus Greeks didn’t have to worry about reaching seas and rivers. Aegean, Ionian and Black sea were all around Greece thus most of the Greeks only had to travel maximum 85 miles to reach the coastline. Trading and Economy of Greeks was greatly depending on seas as it provided them a safe route to other areas and societies. Greece itself was not so fertile but because Greeks were skilled sailors they could do trading with other areas and get things like wheat, minerals, vegetables and other foods. Politically Seas were the only easy and efficient way that could connect different societies of Greek. Thus seas proved to be a link between Greece. Additionally, it helped in colonization of the people as it was a source to provide them with resources like food and minerals which they naturally didn’t have.

Islands, Harbors and Peninsulas

greek islands

Islands, Harbors and Peninsulas were also one of the main geographic feature of Greece. As most of the Greece consisted of islands and harbors it had great effects on politics, economy, trading and colonization. Politically due to consisting of small islands Greece could never unite under a Government. They formed small governments in areas. But economically islands, harbors and peninsulas were full of water so they didn’t have to worry about water. It also provided them with fishes. Trading with other areas and societies helped them colonize and trade. They also proved to be safe places for them.


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