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We can see that the technology is upgrading to the next level in front of us with in negligible time period. Google glass is one of the results of these up gradation in technology. Here is something about Google glass.

What is Google Glass?

Google glass is actually an optical device designed in a shape of spectacles which is developed by Google X. Google glass is not to be confused with Google Goggles which was an application developed by Google for image recognition and used for searches based on pictures. Google glass is just like a computer in a form of spectacles. Now, the computer is just in front of our eyes and can be controlled with our eyes.

Google glass

Parts and Formation

It consists of a touchpad, a display, and a camera. From the below pictures, we can see that the touchpad is located at the side of the spectacles which allows the users to control the device in a different manner. The camera allows the users to take pictures and videos up to 720p.  And the display consists of liquid crystals on silicon.

Google glass specifications

Software of Google Glass

Glass does not use or support other operating systems like Windows or Android. It supports its own Operating System which is known as Glass OS. It is actually a version of Google’s Android operating system specially designed for Google Glass.

Features and Applications

It contains almost all the features and application we need. It also runs Google Maps, Google Now, Google+  and Gmail, as well. Companies have also built some apps for Glass including facial recognition, photo manipulation, translation and also Facebook and Twitter etc. It also contains much more which makes it different from other devices.

Voice activation

Google Glass also includes voice activation function just like our Android smartphones. In, Android smartphones, voice feature is activated by saying “okay google” . Similarly, in the Glass, voice feature is activated by saying “okay glass”.


Let’s check out some features of the Glass through this video:


From the above discussion and seeing all its specs, we must say that technology is upgraded to the next level. Google Glass is its proof. Google Glass is much useful for social use and as well as official use.

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