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Google’s Founder has these 5 Success Tips for you

We all use Google. In fact we Google everything, it has revolutionized this century with its innovation and effective service. Actually, Google has so much to offer like they are working on technologies and AI that can the world. Other than Google, Gmail and Youtube are some products that we use all the time. Google’s parent company ALPHABET.Inc now worth more than $600 Billion.

Ever wondered how innovative and exceptional Google’s founders are? Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey brin. Larry Page now worth $44 Billion. How did he succeed? Today we’ll discuss some tips Larry page have for us. We have summarized different interviews he has given. So everything you will read will be said exclusively by him somewhere. So here we go

 1- Don’t Fear Failure

don't fear failure larry page

One of the the things that I’d been through as a student was some leadership training, and one of the things they taught us was to not be afraid of failure, and instead have the goal to fail a lot quickly, and then eventually you’ll succeed.

He further explains in following words

Write down the things you would do that were kind of impossible but you think you might really accomplish. And that’s really stuck with me in everything that I’ve tried to do, and I think, It was very, very close that we wouldn’t have started the company. I guess there are many of you out there in sort of similar situations. Ask Yourself Do you want to take a little bit more risk? Do you want to try something else?
And, you know, even if you don’t succeed, it’s absolutely fine. We actually did many things that didn’t work. Google happened to work pretty well, but there are many things we did that didn’t. But we don’t worry about those, right? Because we tried many things and because of them we’re here. So I encourage you to take risks and don’t fear failure.”

2- Big Goals

 A lot of times, my issue is people are not setting goals that will be something. Somebody just becomes rich, or could do anything. You got to be excited about working on that for 10 years. So you got to have a big enough goal. That, you know, you attract the best people and you retain them, and you keep them focused. In my experience, you don’t go wrong, Maybe you don’t hit it next year, or maybe you fail entirely and you discover something more exciting to work on with the same set of people. But you have to aim big. Set big goals that you know you have to work on them hard and you know that you’ll stay excited about them.

steve jobs quotes

I will end this with a quote of Steve jobs

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do

So what does this quote actually means? It illustrates that a person who can’t even think that he can do something, he can change the world, Then he can’t even do that. But a person who set this goal and thinks that he is the guy, he will be the change, then he can change the world. Changing World is a big goal right? But if you can’t even think you would be able to do this then there is no chance you would even do this at all. So setting a Big Goal is the first step towards success.

3- Focus Long Term

long term goals

We always try to concentrate on the long-term thatwhat we’re doing for the long-term, and I think that many of the things we started up that are really big now, like Chrome, were seen as kind of crazy when we launched them. And, so how do we decide what to do? How do we decide what’s really important to work on? Well, I like to call it the “Toothbrush Test.” So, the Toothbrush Test is, do you use it as often as you use your toothbrush? For most people, I guess, that’s twice a day. So I think, you know, we really want things like that and I think things like Gmail, obviously you use much more than twice a day, and YouTube, I think that those things are amazing, and I think that. We look at things like YouTube, people said “Oh, you guys are never going to make money with that. You bought it for $1.4 billion, you’re totally crazy.”We were reasonably crazy, but it was a good bet. And we’ve actually been doubling revenue every year on YouTube for four years. So concentrating on the long term is important, I know it sounds kinda crazy sometimes, focusing on the Long term but it is extremly important to acheive something big.

4- Go for the Harder Challenges don’t fear them

challenge yourself

You can get tremendous resources to solve a hard problem, whereas you might only get minor resources to solve a small problem.You know, anything you can imagine probably is doable, right? You just have to imagine it and work on it. And things that we thought were almost impossible.

So, we were interested in machine translation. There were services on the web, we had licensed one that could translate between different languages. And, obviously, for Search, you know, if you can’t… If the information’s not in your language, we can’t find it for you, and most information’s not in your language, right? That’s just sort of by definition. And, so we thought, “Well, it’d be great if we could provide search results from any language for any query.” And so we really focused on that problem. We focused on it and we developed Google Translate. We found some machine-learning researchers, and asked them, “Do you think you can translate, between any languages, and do it better than an average human translator,” and They laughed at us. They said, “No, we can’t possibly do that,” but they actually were willing to try. Six years later, we can translate between 64 languages.

This shows that How Difficult was that to create Google Translate, it was a Big Challenge but Larry Page didn’t give up. They kept on trying and see now you can translate more than 64 Languages and its getting better every day. So we should go for Big Challenges too in our lives if we have to be successful.

5- Don’t Settle and have the right People Involved

don't settle

I’ll try to give you some of the things I think are really important that other people won’t tell you, or won’t stress as much. One of those is really just, don’t settle. It’s very, very, very important if you’re trying to achieve anything, also have the right people involved. I can’t stress that enough. I’ve been enormously happy with the people we’ve had involved at Google, with my co-founder and with Eric. We took a long time to find these people, actually. We never got fully satisfied and kept on trying to find this amazing team, we never settled.


So what did you learn in this article? Which one of Larry Page’s advice you think is the best? These were pretty straight facts right? Larry Page isn’t just a genius he is a great motivator too no doubt.

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