last image of saturn from a distance

Last Images of Nasa’s legendary Spacecraft – Cassini

As NASA finally crashed it spacecraft Cassini revolving Saturn for 13 years and sending us valuable data to observe, Cassini sent its final images before turning into ash in Saturn’s atmosphere. In case you don’t know what in the world we are talking about here is a brief introduction.

Cassini started its journey in 1997, and after a long journey of 7 years from Earth it finally reached Saturn. Cassini used to revolve around Saturn and send images and data about its Moons, Rings and Saturn itself. But after 13 years of serving Humanity, Cassini had no fuel left to run so Nasa made a decision to crash it into Saturn’s atmosphere so that it won’t hurt any possible alien life in its Moons like TITAN and Enceladus. Visit here for a detailed day to day plan of how Nasa plan to disintegrate its beloved Spacecraft in Saturn.

So here are the final images Nasa issued from Cassini’s Farewell. Check them out

cassini entering location in saturn

Made from Cassini’s infrared and mapping spectrometer this montage of images, shows the location on Saturn where the NASA spacecraft entered Saturn’s atmosphere on Sept. 15, 2017.

last image of cassini

This is literally the last Image Cassini sent from its Cameras. It is towards night side of Saturn, shining with the reflected light of Saturn’s rings.

enceladus setting into saturn


This is one of my favourite, showing Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus sinking into Saturn from Cassin’s point of view. This is a movie made with a sequence of images Cassini sent on September 13.

Saturn's northern hemisphere

This image is showing northern hemisphere of Saturn as Cassini marching Saturn. One of the last images Casini sent back to Earth.

Last view of Titan

This is one of the last shots Cassini took of Saturn’s giant moon Titan. It is a remarkable image showing how massive and beautiful Titan is.

saturn's rings

WOndering what is this? This is one of the highest resolution image of Saturn’s rings. It shows colorful inner-part of B ring os Saturn. of Saturn’s rings. It shows colorful inner-part of B ring os Saturn.

saturn's north poleNASA

This is a picture taken from above the north pole of Saturn, displaying a spectacular  view of Saturn’s North pole.



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