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Nowadays Programming is used in every thing. Every machine, every app, every website, every software is programmed and with increase in technology and increase of machines and computers, programming jobs are increasing. Skilled programmers are highly paid in various companies. Big Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Quora etc pay like $130,000 to starting programmers and more than $200,000 to experienced programmers.

Other than jobs in companies, coders and programmers can develop softwares and start their own big and great ideas. They can complete freelance projects. They can develop their own apps and softwares. There is a lot what a programmer can do and they are in high demand in Market too.

But learning programming is a task and many universities and colleges provide full degrees as well as courses to teach programming how ever not everyone can afford the price of these expensive courses. But it doesn’t mean they can’t learn programming thanks to Websites and companies taking initiatives to teach programming to everyone online for free or at low cost.

You can learn app development, a language, front-end developing, back-end developing and many more. You start from the beginning or advanced level programming to enhance your skills.
But there are lots of resources out there to teach coding however not every one of them are worthy. So we decided to summarize best online resources for learning Programming. Here are these.


udacity learning

Udacity is one of the best resources to learn programming learning. It provides more than a dozen courses in this field. They provide Nanodegrees in various plans.
They provide courses for Beginners as well Advanced Levels. They have partnered with Google, Amazon, AT&T, Nvidia, IBM etc. They provide short video lectures which you can take at anytime from anywhere.

They provide high-quality content. Google Employs also teach there. They have some courses and nano degrees especially job oriented.  If you don’t get a job within 6 months of completing it you get 50% money back. Most of their content is free, only some extra features like Certificates, Forum support and Project review features are paid.  Click here to check all of the courses they provide and thank us later.

There are many stories of people learning skills from Udacity and getting jobs immediately. You could also hope to get job. So get into it.


edx learning

EdX also provides high-quality courses and degrees online. Another great resource and must visit website if you want to learn programming or want to get started with it. It also provides many advanced courses for experienced programmers.

Unlike Udacity which has partnered with big companies to provide high-quality courses, EdX has partnered with Top Colleges and Institutes. Professors from these institutes provide and teach courses. EdX has almost 700 courses available right now with 250 coming soon.
They are getting high Ranks and are getting a very good reputation in this field.
EdX has partnered with MIT, Stanford, Harvard, University of California Barkley and many more.

If you are a beginner this is a very good resource for you. Make sure to visit their courses page here,  and get a deep insight of what courses they are providing. Take a look and then decide from where you want to start and what do you want to learn. Which course suits you and which course you should take first.



Coursera is another good option for people seeking to learn how to code or trying to learn skills.
Coursera is cheap and provide many courses of different categories. Their courses are taught by professors and experts of various universities from around the world. Like edX they have partnered with various institutes to provide high-level education at a cheap price.

Coursera provides recorded video lectures available at any time, auto-graded assignments as well as peer-reviewed assignments, and discussion forums. For experienced programmers seeking to master and enhance skills they have specialization courses and for beginners or new to field people they have many courses available here in many categories.

Honorable Mentions

online programming

There are many other good resources available and we can’t miss them. Here are some of the other resources that may help you in learning some specific skills. We will mention skills for what they can be helpful.

  • Udemy (So Many skills including Machine Learning, EThical Hacking, AI, Marketing etc)
  • CodeAcademy (HTML & CSS, Java & Java Script, Python, React JS)
  • Learn Cpp (for learning C++)
  • CleverProgrammer (for learning Python)
  • TreeHouse (Front-end, back-end developing) 
  • MIT Open CourseWare (for Algorithms and Mathematics involved in Computer Science)
  • W3Schools (for Html, CSS and Java Script)

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