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Nasa is about to Crash its Spacecraft into Saturn

Oh yes, Nasa is about to crash its spacecraft right into Saturn on September 15. You may be thinking Nasa has gone mad but its due to a purpose. So Nasa is officially giving a Farewell to its buddy spacecraft Cassini.

Cassini Journey

cassini and saturn

Cassini started its journey in 1997, it was Nasa’s dream and big achievement to get Cassini to Saturn and after a long journey of 7 years from Earth it finally reached Saturn.
Cassini was a big achievement. It changed the way Scientists observe and study Saturn, its glorious rings, its atmosphere and its Moons. It changed the paradigm of how and where we look for life in Solar System. Its been a voyage of discovery that had never been done before. Full of knowledge, images, surprises and facts. With the help of Cassini Nasa was able to have a better understanding of Saturn, its rings, moons including TITAN which can hold life on it.

What now?

After serving us for 13 years, Cassini is running out of fuel now and it has just few days to left to survive. Nasa had to make a final decision about it, it had only 2 options (1) To keep it running untill it can and then let it crash anywhere (2) Give it a farewell and crash Cassini into the desired place.
Nasa decided to go with option 2, well whats wrong with number 1? The main problem is that if they let Cassini crash anywhere then it may crash into Titan ( Moon of Saturn ) and can harm life there (if there is any). Titan is full of streams and lakes of liquid methane and ethane which makes it a possible candidate of life.

Here is how our friend Cassini is getting farewell

September 9

cassini passing through saturn rings

$3.26 Billion Cassini will pass through the gap between the rings of Saturn (for the last time). At this point it will be just 1044 miles above Saturn. It will keep sending data during all this journey.

September 11

cassini and titan

Cassini will pass through Titan for the last time, send images and data. Since its launch, Cassini has helped everyone in collecting data about Titan and help understanding Titan and possible life there. It took about 2 Billion Miles from Earth When for the first time Cassini reached titan.

September 14


Nasa couldn’t stop Cassini from its end even if it wanted to. Cassini is moving towards Saturn and the best Nasa can do is to direct its Antena towards Earth so it can send its final data to us. At this point Cassini will be living its last.

September 15

cassini crashing into saturn


Cassini’s beautiful and full of discoveries journey has come to an end. It is moving for the last time. It will start entering Saturn’s atmosphere. Soon Saturns atmospheric forces will start burning Cassini but Cassini will keep sending data until it survives. When Cassini lose its system and connection with Earth due to pressure and extreme forces it will start tearing into pieces and in few seconds it will convert into ash. Cassini’s story is finally over.
No possible alien life will be harmed and we will act like good humans who care about everything. (Belief in Humanity restored) just kidding.

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