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Important Things you should know about Water Fuelled Cars

Just think if we have cars we can fill them up with water at any time from our home. A water fuelled car. This idea has been evolving in our minds for a long time. Today we gonna talk about what is a Water Fuelled Car is and some important facts about them. They are also environment friendly and produces very less pollution.

What is a Water Fuelled Car?

A water fuelled car is an automobile that directly drives its energy from water.  Water-fuelled cars have been the subject of various international newspapers, highly rated science magazine articles and also local television news coverage and also top websites of the world. Several Claims for these devices have been found to be false statements and some were found to be tied to investment frauds. These vehicles claimed to produced fuel from water on board with no other energy input. So basically no need for fuel, oil, diesel or CNG needed to run these cars. The idea is to run cars totally with water.

Water is fully oxidized hydrogen. Hydrogen itself is a high-energy and also flammable substance, but its useful energy is released when water is formed. Water will not burn. The process of electrolysis can split water into both hydrogen and oxygen, but it takes as much energy to take apart water molecules as was released when hydrogen was oxidized to form water. In fact, some energy would be lost in converting water into hydrogen and burning the hydrogen because some waste heat would always be produced in the conversions. Releasing chemical energy from water, in excess or in equal proportion to the energy required to facilitate such production, would therefore violate the first or second law of thermodynamics. So its complicated.

Important facts about water-fuelled cars working

  1. Water injection which is a method for cooling of engines by adding water to the incoming fuel-air mixture, allowing for greater compression ratios and reduced engine knocking(detonation).
  2. The hydrogen cars, although it often incorporates some of the same elements. To fuel a hydrogen car from water, the electricity is used to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. The resulting hydrogen is an energy carrier that can power a car by reacting with oxygen from the air to create water, either through burning in a combustion engine or catalyzed to produce electricity in a fuel cell.
  3. Hydrogen fuel enhancement, where a mixture of hydrogen and conventional hydrocarbon fuel is burned in an internal combustion engine, usually in an attempt to improve fuel economy or reduce emissions.

But what’s the problem then?

According to the currently accepted laws of physics, there are no way of extraction of chemical energy from water alone. Water itself is a highly stable and it was one of the classical elements and contains very strong chemical bonds. Its formation is negative (-68.3) kcal/mol or (-285.8 kj/mol), meaning that energy is required to break those stable bonds. In simple words, you need energy to produce energy from water to run cars and as Water is a very stablecompound, a lot of energy is needed to break its atoms and produce energy.

Claims of functioning water-fuelled cars

water powered cars
Garret too was proved to be fraud

  1.  Dennis Klein  

In 2002, The firm Hydrogen Technology Application planted an electrolyzer design and trademarked the term “Aquygen” to refer to the hydrogen, oxygen gas mixture produced by the device. Originally developed as an alternative to “oxyacetylene welding” the company claimed to be able to run a vehicle to exclusively on water, via the production of “Aquygen” and invoked an unproven state of matter called “magnegases” and a discredited theory about magnecules to explain their results. Company founder Dennis Klein claimed to be in negotiations with a major US auton manufacture and that the US government wanted to produced Hummers that used his technology.

At present, the company no longer claims it can run a car exclusively on water, and is instead marketing”Aquygen” production as a technique to increase fuel efficiency.

Herman Anderson

herdman water powered car
Herman made water powered Cavalier.

Herman was a scientist in NASA testing and researching about Hydrogen Powered Rockets.
He later used his knowledge to develop water powered car. He made a Chevy Cavalier which he claimed to be fully water powered. It’s been said that he was allowed to drive his own car but he was not allowed to sell it anywhere or produce more because it produced a lot of radiation. It is all alleged and nothing is sure or 100% believed.

Agha Waqar Ahmad 

agha ashraf water fueled car
Agha Ashraf driving his water powered car

Agha Waqar Ahmad, a Pakistani in July 2012 to have invented  WATER-FUELLED car by installing a water kit with cars. The kit consists of a cylindrical jar, with holds on the water, a bubbler and a pipe leading to the engine. He claimed that a kit can split water into “HHO” which is then used as fuel, The kit requires use of distilled water to work. Ahmad claimed that he has been able to achieve much higher amounts of oxyhydrogen compared to any other inventor because “undisclosed calculation” He has applied for a patent in Pakistan. Some Pakistani scientists alleged that Ahmad’s inventions are nothing but a fraud as it violates the law of ” thermodynamics”

Other scientists from different countries like India, Nigeria, England etc have claimed to have invented water fuelled cars and all of them were proved wrong in some way.


Many companies and research centers are still trying to produce energy from water as efficiently as possible. Any past claims have been proved to be wrong and some scientists like Stanley Meyer a British scientist have been killed too due to their claims of water powered cars and others were usually sent to mental centers or ruined their reputation. It is a very difficult process but all we can hope with these technological advancements and researches is that one day we can fill up oyr cars with water and have a long drive.


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