Top 10 Facts about Yellowstone Super Volcano

It is often believed that the world will be destroyed by some comet striking Earth or Sun may burn us into ashes.

It is also believed that a black whole may soak us all (can squeeze us into a bean) and may result in Last day of our beautiful Planet Earth (unless we can pass a black hole like interstellar but chances of this is fairly low scientist believes.). Some people may wonder that some Alien Civilization will come and Destroy our Planet Earth (unless we can find Avengers to save us).

However, there are very few who realize that Earth doesn’t necessarily need some extraterrestrial object or creatures to destroy us and that doesn’t need to be nuclear war or attack of Robots or…….. Attack of Apes. 

Earth can be destroyed by its own nature easily, while some of them will lead to a complete destroyed Earth and Human Distinction instantly just like EarthQuakes, Large Scale Tsunami etc.

While others may wipe us out like Despacito and one of them is “SUPERVOLCANO ERUPTION”  from a very beautiful picnic place “Yellowstone Park”  in the West of USA.

So here are must know Top 10 interesting facts about Yellowstone Supervolcano.

1- Ground is Uplifting

The ground in Yellowstone has uplifted as much as 10 inches in past few years and it is continuing. Uplifting with such large scale is a sign that whoops whoopsie!!! something is not right and that probably is really not one of the best feelings to have.

2- It’s Larger than we thought

Well!!!! We all know that Yellowstone supervolcano is the biggest supervolcano ever found in our Planet but now scientists have found that it is EVEN BIGGER!!!! then they thought. They found it is 2.5 times bigger than they thought it means 2.5 times more magma (destruction) then they expected. Ahhhh now this doesn’t seem good.

3- Also known as Yellowstone Caldera

It’s not that comic books one big Mountain Volcano but it is a straight land-Caldera Volcano. It means and straight land and underneath lies the biggest supervolcano in the history of Earth. So it just doesn’t lie in just a mountain. This is why it is also known as Yellowstone Caldera. This is one of the reasons it will destroy everything within its such a big radius very soon in case of an eruption.

4-  Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8/10

No doubt having an Enormous size Yellowstone supervolcano has Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8/10. Volcanic Explosivity Index(VEI) is a measure of the explosiveness of volcanic eruptions. This high VEI is considered apocalyptic. It means in case of an eruption it will turn to be an apocalyptic event.

5- Bisons Leaving

Recently There was a video leaked in which you can see Bisons are just running out of the park.
Animals usually know when stuff is going down and they start running from it, they can sense it we all know so Bisons leaving park is a really awkward thing and can be a sign of danger. Scientists are keeping an eye on this gigantic volcano so we don’t have to worry all the time that we will soon turn into ashes. But still, this is getting really creepy. It seems like Yellowstone Volcano will soon erupt and will swallow us but keep your hopes high, and let’s try to find some positive stuff about this supervolcano.

6- In Case of an Eruption World will become Cooler

(Forget all that Global Warming stuff, burn all of the coal in factories and let’s celebrate a day “Free from Global Warming” Thanks to Yellowstone eruption and now world will be cooler and not only cooler but up to 20 degrees. Ahhh!!! wait what did you say 2o degrees????)

Yes, probably you have that question too. In case of an eruption, you can forget Global warming(if you stay alive) but maybe it’s time to for Global Cooling. Yes, you read that right if Yellowstone supervolcano erupts world’s temperature will decrease significantly because of all that dust and smoke in the atmosphere. It may cool Earth up to 20 degrees.
Looks like I am having trouble to find positive points for this.

7- Its eruption will dump an Ash layer of 10 Feet

So in case of a full-scale eruption of Yellowstone Caldera everything within 1000 Miles of range will turn into ash in just 10 minutes. Everything within that range will be covered in a 10-inch thick ash layer. Splitting the USA into two parts and destroying Economy of world especially of USA. One Positive point is that you can do skating anywhere and can set a Ash selling store because you won’t be going short of Ash.

8- Its Famous Geysers and Hot Springs

Though Yellowstone supervolcano is really dangerous in case of an eruption. However, Yellowstone National Park is a great tourist attraction and a beautiful place to visit.
Yellowstone consists of 300 Geysers including famous Old Faithful geyser and contains half of the world’s geothermal features like hot springs and mud spots etc.  So it is a great place to visit and everyone should visit it who get an opportunity.

9- What can we do to prevent Yellowstone Eruption.

As we have seen in previous facts a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption will cause destruction on a massive level, Some questions struck in our mind that when it can occur? and can we prevent it?
Well answer to the first question is in next fact while answer to the second question that can we do something to prevent it? is Unfortunately No. There is nothing that you or scientists can do to prevent it. So all we can do is to pray that it won’t explode soon because no one can cap it.

10- When it will erupt?

According to USGS United States Geological Survey Yellowstone supervolcano erupts every 600,000 to 800,000 years. So the chances of its erupting in our lifetime are fairly low, oh!!! now you can breathe. Scientists are keeping close eye on every movement of its magma so even if it will happen soon you will get a fair amount of time to evacuate affecting place but we all should wish it won’t happen.


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