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Why we actually use DMAS rule?

We all were interrupted by our teachers and were told that you have to solve division first or you have multiply first then you can add or subtract. It was annoying. But ever wondered Why it was that you have to solve multiply and division in an equation and then we can add or subtract?Why we just can’t solve an equation as we like. We were always told to follow DMAS rule or BODMAS rule.

So what is this DMAS rule and we actually use this? What is the Logic behind this?

What is DMAS or BODMAS rule?

So this is actually order of operation which tells us which operator and which operation must be solved first in an equation. This rule is often referred as DMAS ( abbreviation of Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) or BODMAS which stands for (Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction). It means in an equation you have to solve Division and  Multiplication first, Addition and Subtraction second.
This is how its order goes


  • Brackets (calculation inside brackets always come first).
  • Orders (numbers with powers or square roots).
  • Division.
  • Multiplication.
  • Addition.
  • Subtraction.

DMAS or BODMAS can also be written as MDAS or MDSA because Multiplication and Division are equal in priority and Addition and Subtraction is equal in priority.

We all know this rule. But why do we use it? what is the purpose of using DMAS rule?

Why we use DMAS rule

Without DMAS rule all mathematical equations will come up with different answers. Maths would become extremely hard. It was just important to set a sequence of operation that everyone would follow so that there would be no fight on whether whose answer is right whose is wrong. Everyone would argue on their answer. Simple Maths would have become extremely complicated. Someone who works with equations regularly will simplify parts of an equation as they go, possibly collecting *appropriate* addends first
f = 127 * 892 + 1 – 1
might be simplified to
f = 127 * 892
as a first step, because it is obvious that the ones cancel each other. The actual purpose of the DMAS rule is to make the binding order of infix notation explicit for people who are learning to do more than just “sums” or “products”. Thus experts have different approach to DMAS rule and beginners take DMAS rule differently.

It is a way to teach beginners in Algebra on how to solve an equation. This is why you just can’t solve an equation in order you like, ultimately it would give different answers.

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