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Will Nokia smartphones make a comeback in 2017

There were times when Nokia phones used to lead the Mobile Industry. Nokia Mobiles were a symbol of roughness and toughness. They were used to be strong and Powerful. They had a strong body and used to have good functionalities. Nokia was a brand. A powerful name. It was reputed and respectable.

Nokia launched some of the most famous mobile and cell phones of that time. 3310 was on the first famous mobiles. Nokia introduced new features, new games and new specifications like no else did at that time. Nokia was succeeding and bring revolution to the Market. But the company had its downfall. Nokia got sold to Microsoft for 10 years after remaining in loss for years. Nokia was once near to Bankruptcy. But today we are discussing whether Nokia could make a comeback in 2017?

Reason of Nokia’s Downfall

As explained above Nokia was doing well in the market once. It was on the on but when Android was launched and Android based mobiles started to make way in the market, Nokia started to fall behind. It couldn’t compete with the latest Android mobiles. Apple’s iPhones also made its name soon in the Market. iPhone became a symbol of rich people while Samsung and other famous mobile companies were introducing good quality low priced Android mobiles for Mediocre people as well as rich class.

They were introducing easy to use UI (User Interface) and better Android version for better working. They were cheap and more effective then previous ones. Nokia, on the other hand, coudn’t compete with the modern technology. It didn’t change according to changing circumstances. However, when it accepted that Android based mobiles were the only option it tried to make new mobiles and cell phones but it was too late. Nokia had lost it’s name, it’s brand name. People didn’t believe in Nokia as they used to. They were more focused on Samsung, Apple and other mobile companies. But still Nokia was fighting.

Nokia and Microsoft deal

Nokia had #1 Position as Biggest Smart phones manufacturer in 2011. But only in 2 year Nokia fell from #1 to #10 as Biggest Smart Phones manufacturer. Nokia had a €368 Million loss.
The company had to cut 3,500 Jobs worldwide.

After making a small time deal for 2 years with Microsoft and launching Windows based mobiles(Like Lumia 800) with the name of Microsft instead of Nokia, Microsoft and Nokia in 2013 made a big deal of $7.2 Billion. It was the acquisition of  Nokia mobile industry for 10 years by Microsoft.

What this deal actually meant?

nokia lumia 800
Nokia’s first Windows based Smartphone , Lumia 800

It meant that Microsoft will produce smartphones based on Windows operating system in the Market under the logo of Microsft. All the Nokia’s factories, employees and smart phones production centers were to be held by Microsoft. All Nokia accounts were closed on 25 April 2015 by Microsoft. Nokia Chat and Nokia Mail was also closed by Microsoft and both of them were replaced by Microsft’s and Skype. Microsoft kept its rebranding of Nokia.

This deal was a proof that Nokia was not succeeding and it had a major downfall. Microsoft, on the other hand, thought it was a good time to handle the doomed company and feature it by it’s new operating system and will make a name of Microsft and its operating system. Unfortunately, it didn’t prove to be a profitable deal for Microsoft. In 2016 the deal was handed over to FIH Mobile, a new company. the reason of ending the deal was the dropping sales of Microsft mobiles.

Comeback of Nokia Android smart phones 

The company has started to work out on launching Nokia Android smart phones. And these smartphones are just out standard. Models like Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have crossed the expectations of the market. Nokia’s smartphones are the most trending in the market. These models have such a classy look, amazing memory and great camera results. Nokia is expecting a comeback. Nokia had enormous sales in some major markets like China and India. In North American market Nokia has also produced better results.

1- Nokia 3

Nokia 3 is the cheapest android smartphone of the Nokia Corporation. If you look at it, it seems to be another Nokia Windows Smartphone but Android OS exists inside it. This is the review for its complete guide.

2- Nokia 5

Nokia 5 comes in the matte black finish. It is made up of solid aluminum, which is better than the plastic casing. Its design is somewhat similar to the other Nokia phones. Complete statistics and review of Nokia 5 is given below


Until now, Nokia has only launched these 2 models officially. Many models like Nokia 6, Nokia 9, Nokia 7, Nokia P1, Nokia C1 etc. are coming soon. And we are sure that they will be much trending and demandable in the market. Now we will see, how Nokia android smart phones compete with the other Android companies. Because the game is on!!!

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